Kundar – Lost Tapes [HSNDR008]


KUNDAR is back! With its dark short stories about the end of life Kundar creates haunting and abysmal soundscapes.
We are proud to present you “LOST TAPES“, two stand-out tracks that were made in the same session as the forthcoming “Personal Apocalypse” album but did not fit into the story arc that will connect all three of Kundar´s full-length albums.

drone,  dark ambient

number of tracks: 2

playtime: 26 min.


Descent Into The Void – post apocalypsis [HSNDR007]

DESCENT INTO THE VOID creates guitar based drones. Its newest release deals with a dead earth, destruction, apocalypse and the life afterwards. The sound is harsh, noisy, heavy. The world in this album will grab you, overwhelm you and in the end it will spit you out… its drones still ringing in your ear.
(inspired by Cormac McCarthy´s “The Road”)


drone, noise, dark ambient

number of tracks: 9

playtime: 37 min.


Violet Light And A Hum – Phosphenes (Part II) [HSNDR006]

Violet Light And A Hum is usually a drone, ambient, doom, drone metal hybrid. With “Phosphenes” they bring a series of drones, creating dense, dark and dreamlike atmospheres. Phosphenes II is the perfect continuation of the first part, two dreamlike drones that were recorded in the same session as Phosphenes I which will guide you through the stories and images happening when you close your eyes.

drone, dark ambient, ambient

number of tracks: 2 playtime: 26 min.

Upcoming release by “Violet Light And A Hum”

After a short hiatus we want to regain some momentum and present you the upcoming “Phosphenes” series by “Violet Light And A Hum“.

Phosphenes” will be a series of albums that consist of improvised drones made by two guitars with only little post-production goodness. Each release will be between 25 and 35 minutes in length and range between dark ambient and drone.
The first part will be released at the beginning of January 2015. Get a first taste of the dreamlike journeys that are waiting:

Descent Into The Void – Descent Into The Void [HSNDR003]

DITVs first output is an epic journey downwards starting the first moments after death.It was recorded using only guitars in 2004 and released on CD-R by Nothingness Records in 2007. Here we present the re-release and just want to quote Aquarius Records on it:

This one is an epic, 73 minute, single track plunge into the sonic abyss, or maybe more accurately ‘descent into the void’. Long, drawn out, slow rolling soundscapes of deep swells, soft metallic buzz, and all manner of complex low end filigree buried way down in the mix, giving the track some strange inner momentum, a sublimated chaos, lurking just below the tranquil surface. Harrowing and gorgeously minor key, but the melodies here are just distant streaks, and strange smears of tonal color, everything super subtle, drifting billows of grey grainy shift and pulsing diffused light. Over the course of this expansive sprawl, random sounds surface, float ghostlike and sink back into the ether, disembodied voices, haunting clouds of high end harmonics, bits of hiss and stretched out slowed down percussion, all floating weightless above a soft blackened backdrop. So gorgeous.


dark ambient, drone, guitar ambient
number of tracks: 1
playtime: 73 min.